Appreciation of villa decoration renderings

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Design Description: in order to create a villa design project with both modern interest and traditional feelings, so that it can not only carry the functional needs, but also pick up the memory of culture, arachi design has made a great adjustment to the internal spatial relationship of the building and reshaped the new spatial order. The spiral staircase, as a form, always connects the whole spatial relationship, showing the unique style of geometric form in the space; The intertwined combination of Oriental spirit and Western form makes the space full of flexibility

Design Description: the European classical style villa design and decoration is very easy to show luxurious style, and the decoration is the easiest to produce visual effects, so it is welcomed by many owners who pursue luxury style. However, if we do not understand the requirements of its style in advance and have the corresponding design level, it is impossible to achieve the satisfactory effect of the decoration transferor. European classical style pays more attention to the background tone. The background tone composed of wallpaper, carpet, curtain and other decorative fabrics plays a decisive role in the overall effect of the control room

Design Description: this Chinese style soft decoration design case is more combined with modernity, closer to our modern life, less cumbersome classical Chinese style, and the whole is brighter

Design Description: the design of this case is intended to create the practicality and permeability of residential space, and create a very rich storage space with multi-level changing shapes. In addition, designers use unique materials to present a unique humanistic style. Design is a comprehensive creation of various factors, including function, material, technology, cost, aesthetic form, artistic style, spiritual ideas and so on Design comes from life, and life changes because of design! Achieve space harmony, make the design value for money, and make the details perfect

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