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Many people believe that the post-80s generation's values and aesthetics may be difficult to be recognized by the older generation. Although many post-80s generation have gradually occupied a place in the mainstream of society, they have not grasped the discourse power of the times. However, in their own home world, they have an unstoppable imagination of going their own way

sun Xiaojun, born in 1980, studied in Singapore, majoring in information and communication, returned to youth in 2002, and now works in a real estate company. He advocates freedom, yearns for personalized private space, and strives to create a simple and unified style of small space

elegant room archives

owner: Sun Xiaojun

area: 40 square meters

house type pattern: one room, one kitchen and one bathroom

decoration cost: 60000 yuan

home declaration: every inch of work and life is wonderful

independent space self style

cheerful personality, sun Xiaojun, who pursues fashion, likes to have his own independent and personalized space since childhood. He said that at the age of 26, he had his own space and hoped that the 40 square meter cabin would be simple, comfortable and personalized

although the house is small, it's very comfortable to breathe free air in your small space. You don't have to worry about the impact on your family when you come back from a party with friends at night, even if you stay in bed on weekends. On the rest day, you can also invite friends to have dinner in the cabin and chat in front of the transparent French windows

although sparrow is small, it condenses essence

maybe post-80s people like personality and freedom. Xiaojun said that if he lets himself choose between a villa shared with others and his own small house type, he will definitely choose his own cabin

therefore, he decorated his 40 square meter single apartment with complete functions, and each inch of space gave full play to its functions to a large extent: embedded cabinets, simple and multi-purpose workbench, and unique series of ceiling lights, all of which reasonably allocated every inch of space for the room

he said that he usually prefers to go home and lie in bed reading or taking a nap. The 1.8-meter-wide big bed looks soft and comfortable, and a free swing table is set beside the bed. Even if a job suddenly arrives, he doesn't need to get up and rush to the workbench, but just pick up the laptop computer and click the mouse. When the host plays games and forgets to eat and sleep, the tea table beside the bed solves the big problem. He can enjoy food lazily in bed without getting up...

he can work anytime and anywhere, integrating life and work

boys' rooms are not necessarily messy

Virgo's typical characteristic is that he loves cleanliness. He likes neatness and of course does not allow any clutter in his room

due to the small room space, the design of storage function will not be ignored. Sun Xiaojun separated the corners of the balcony into closed lockers, and the whole cabinet did not occupy too much balcony space. He said that he likes neat layout and neat space. Not every boy's room is messy. Just like the personal signature in his space: go your own way and let others take a taxi




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