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There are many accidents caused by unprofessional installation in the society. What details should be paid attention to when installing aluminum alloy doors and windows series sliding windows

how to install the sliding window to make it more sealed

1. The installation position of the sliding window sealing strip should be flat, without curling or stretching, and the joint should be less than 1mm. The model of the sealing strip should match. If it is too large, the pressing strip cannot be pressed in, if it is too small, the sealing strip will easily fall off, and the glass and the fan body are not close, there will be cracks

2. The installation position of wool tops is generally on the door and window leaves, around the frame leaves or on the sealing bridge (wind block), so as to enhance the sealing between the frames and leaves. If the top specification is too large or the vertical hair is too high, it will not only make assembly difficult, but also increase the resistance of door and window movement, especially the initial resistance of opening and the positioning resistance of closing. The specification is too small, and the height of the vertical wool top is not enough, which is easy to fall out of the groove, which greatly reduces the sealing performance of the (door) window. The top needs to be silicified. The appearance of the qualified top is straight, and the bottom plate and vertical hair are smooth. No bending, no pitting on the base plate. Bubble. The vertical hair is firmly bonded to the bottom plate, with uniform density and not easy to lose hair

how to install and prevent the blocking of doors and windows

1. The installation of doors and windows should comply with the installation process, and the installation quality of each process should be checked and adjusted at any time

2. The center line of the window frame and the window opening should be drawn. When the window frame is installed into the hole, the center line should be aligned, and the frame corner should be temporarily fixed. Carefully adjust the verticality, levelness and squareness of the window frame, and the error should be within the allowable deviation range

3. Before entering the frame, the diagonal and flatness deviation should be checked. After the frame, the lap width and peripheral gap of the frame should be checked with a steel ruler and feeler gauge until it meets the requirements

4. Install hardware parts correctly, and replace them in time in case of damage

5. Do a good job in the protection of finished products and the usual use and maintenance, to prevent external force impact, and do not hang heavy objects, resulting in the deformation of doors and windows. It should be opened and closed gently to prolong its service life

how to install so that the glass does not loosen

1. Before installing the glass, carefully remove the sundries in the notch, such as mortar, brick chips, wood blocks, etc. when placing the glass, it should be carefully aligned to ensure that the gap between both sides is uniform, and it should be fixed in a timely manner to prevent collision and displacement from departing from the center of the notch

2. The rubber sealing strip should not be pulled too tightly, and the blanking length is 20-30mm longer than the assembly length. When installing, it should be inlaid in place, with a flat surface and close contact with the glass and the glass notch, so that the stress around the glass is uniform. The rubber strip at the corner shall be cut off by an inclined plane, and the rubber shall be injected and bonded firmly at the cut-off point

3. When sealing and fixing the glass with sealant, the glass should be squeezed with rubber strips or rubber blocks first, leaving a glue injection gap. The glue injection depth should not be less than 5mm. Before the glue is cured, the glass should be kept from vibration

how to install the sliding window so that there is no water

1. The sliding window on the outer wall must be equipped with drainage holes, and the spacing of drainage holes should be 600mm, and there should be no less than 2 doors and windows in each mold. The size of the hole should ensure that the accumulated water in the tank can be discharged quickly

2. When installing glass or injecting sealant, pay attention not to block the drainage hole

3. After the sliding window is installed, the mortar particles and garbage in the groove should be removed, and the irrigation inspection should be carried out. If the ponding in the groove can be discharged smoothly, it is qualified, otherwise it should be rectified until it is qualified

how to install the window frame to prevent water seepage

1. In order to prevent water seepage at the crack, the door and window frames should be elastically connected with the wall, and the outside of the frame should be embedded with wood strips, leaving 5mm × 8mm notch to prevent direct contact between cement mortar and frame. During construction, the floating ash, mortar particles and other sundries in the joint groove should be removed first, and then the sealant should be injected around the joint of the frame and the wall to seal it. The glue injection should be continuous, do not omit, and the bonding should be firm

2. When splicing the members of combined doors and windows, socket or lap connection shall be adopted, and the lap length shall not be less than 10mm, and then sealed with sealant. It is strictly forbidden to adopt the method of combining planes with planes. At the same time, the exposed connecting screws should also be buried and sealed with sealant to prevent water seepage

how to install the sliding window to make it more secure

1. When installing door and window frames, connectors should be used to reliably connect with the wall. The distance between the connector and the corner of the frame shall not be greater than 180mm, and the spacing between connectors shall not be greater than 500mm. The connecting pieces shall be made of steel sheet with a thickness of not less than 1.5mm and shall be provided with anti-corrosion treatment. The connection method generally adopts expansion bolts, shooting needles or open iron feet to be embedded in the wall, and it is not allowed to nail the door and window frames directly into the wall with circles and needles

2. When installing composite doors and windows, pay attention to the reasonable setting of middle supports and middle gears, so as to ensure the overall stiffness of the splicing rods and doors and windows, and the specification spacing of the connectors meets the requirements, and they should be closely connected




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