Places easy to ignore in small house decoration

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Although the house type room is small, it has all kinds of internal organs. And because the majority of residents are young people, they are highly dependent on computer networks, and their lives are casual, so small houses have high requirements for circuit layout. We should fully consider all kinds of use needs, and do better to be rich than lack in the early design, so as to avoid the embarrassment of insufficient interfaces caused by furniture and pattern changes in the later stage

concave sofa

dull wall color

small houses generally choose the color system with high lightness and purity. Because the purity of the color is stronger, the more it comes into view first; The lightness is high, and the senses will be malleable, which is what we usually call “ Spacious and bright &rdquo

complex ceiling

most small family rooms are short, and the ceiling decoration with small shape should be the first choice, or do not make the ceiling at all. If the shape of the ceiling is too regular, it will make the spatial sense of the ceiling too strong

floor decoration for dividing areas

the space of the house type is narrow and tortuous. Many people will divide different areas with different materials and heights in order to achieve decorative effects and highlight the sense of area. The ceiling often echoes it, which leads to a more tortuous spatial structure and many “ Corridor ”, Cause visual obstruction and waste of space





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