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Before decoration, you must have thought out how to do it in your mind, but when you really start decoration, you will find how difficult it is to actually operate what you thought in your mind. Xiaobian searched some netizens' decoration experience on the Internet for your reference

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1. If the bathroom is less than 4 square meters, it is better not to install bathtubs and shower rooms, which is much smaller. I think the bathroom space in a row is very large, which wastes space. A small area of 70 * 70 is completely enough. TX like us, anyone with a bathroom less than 4 square meters can consider such a design. If you want to experience it personally, you can go to IKEA. The towel rack should be far away from the wet area, and the room is small, but a simple dry wet separation should also be done. Otherwise, the towel will easily have a musty smell in the weather. Moreover, such placement can vacate the position of the washing machine, so that it can not be placed on the balcony, which saves the material of the water pipe, and if you think about what happens to the water pipe in the future, it is not the floor of the room or something that will suffer

2. It is also very practical to dig a storage space on the wall of the small bathroom, which is better than being a cabinet and saves space. At the same time, grinding glass is installed to make the privacy of stored items higher. There is also the option of sliding door, which is also better, and can save space. For aisle halls like ours, it's best to use glass doors in the kitchen and bathroom, so the lighting will be much better

3. There must be more storage space. Seeing that many TX have stayed for a period of time, they shout that there is not enough space, so while considering the style, think about whether your space is enough. No matter how good the style is, if the things are placed outside, there is no style. Style can only make way for storage. Careful mm should also consider the placement of things with special specifications at home: such as long handle umbrellas and suitcases. It is best to arrange the existing things at home and the things that will be there in the future. Panel furniture has the largest storage space and is suitable for small houses, but IKEA style lacks some humanistic things, which are too hard and too cold. At the same time, it also likes the countryside, but it feels that the countryside is too like a girl's boudoir, so now my family's positioning is simple and idyllic. Don't be angry with IKEA fans. Different people have different opinions

4. It's best to look at the furniture before designing. Because the choice of furniture is the least. If it is a small room type, light and hard installation, heavy and soft installation. Soft decoration and hard decoration are basically opposite, and the best embodiment of soft decoration is furniture, so TX first looks at furniture. Measure the size of furniture and know it well. There are often furniture in furniture stores. You feel that the smaller one is suitable for your home, so take a tape measure and compare it at home first. It won't be wrong

5. The kitchen cabinet needs to use your brain, because there is a lot of water in it, and the size of the kitchen cabinet needs to be measured after starting work, so TX, you should also find a way to arrange this. L-shaped kitchens are more suitable for deep and wide kitchens. The water heater of wojia is built inside the wall. Wojia thinks this design is better. Installing doors is not conducive to the work of the water heater. The service life of the water heater will be shortened, and there will be some problems in discharge. From the perspective of environmental protection, it is also not good to install





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