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[home improvement network] toilet leakage is a relatively prominent problem, most of which are caused by human factors in advance. When toilet leakage brings losses and troubles to your family, it will also affect neighborhood relations! Because many of the water leaks are downstairs or next door neighbors, although no one wants to encounter such a thing. It's nothing to encounter a good neighbor. It's repaired, and it's over to accompany a reasonable person. If you encounter unreasonable or lucky people, you'll be in big trouble, not only the economy will be lost, but also the spirit will be hit

since this is so easy to go wrong, there is no way to avoid it! Of course not. Although I dare not say that there is no problem, I can still minimize the probability of problems from some details! Now let's talk about several key points:

first, there is a trick to choose a good water pipe for leakage prevention.

safe water, starting from the water pipe, how to choose a safe and durable water pipe. Experts teach you a trick for this:

smell: smell whether the water pipe has a peculiar smell. Parallel goods pipes are often mixed with recycled toxic plastics, which often has a pungent smell

second, look at: first, look at the color, thickness and gloss of the water pipe, and whether the outer wall of the pipe is marked with the trademark, specification, temperature, pressure, production batch number, production date and actual place of origin. Aluminum plastic pipe also depends on the thickness and uniformity of the aluminum layer; Second, check whether there is a sanitation license. Water pipes without a sanitation license cannot be used for drinking water pipes

three notes: first, we should pay attention to the regular agent stores with pipe distribution authorization; Second, pay attention to whether the purchased pipes and fittings are produced by the same manufacturer; Third, pay attention to asking for product service cards

II. A doorway is installed for water leakage prevention construction

product quality is not equal to project quality. If the installation is not in place, the insurance coefficient of the product will be greatly discounted. Generally, domestic water pipes are mostly buried in the dark. If you are not careful, you will be cheated and replaced with inferior ones. Consumers should pay more attention

1. Ask regular installers to carry out construction according to the construction specifications

2. Strictly control the materials, and check and accept each process one by one, so as to prevent Jerry built materials and avoid the use of defective materials

3. The pressure test must be done after the transformation. The pressure is 0.8kg, and the maximum allowable pressure drop in 30 minutes is 0.05

4. Draw a water route map. If possible, take it with a camera and keep it on file for future use





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