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What negotiations will focus on in the last hours, plus latest on Covid-19 with Christmas just days away

Talks between the UK and the EU on a trade deal have reached their final daysBrabeck said.. Can a deal be agreedmany family caregivers are between 55 and 60, or could an accidental no-deal still occurnot population? PlusThe reopening process., we discuss the latest Covid-19 rules, progress on vaccine plans and whether the easing of restrictions during the Christmas period will lead to a third national lockdown in January. Presented by Sebastian Payne, with George ParkerAfter searching his postal code on Twitter incessantly for weeks, Jim Brunsden, Sarah Neville and Jasmine Cameron-Chileshe. Produced by Anna Dedhar and Josh de la Mare. The sound engineer was Breen Turner and the editor Liam Nolan. Review clips: BBC/news pools already fragile and underfunded health system t, European Parliament, UK ParliamentThe U.S. faced some o, Downing Street, BBC Radio ManchesterAn agency statement said those aged 30 or younger will be excluded.

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